4 Ways to Jump-Start Your College Search Process

Spring has sprung … sort of. While many of us are still digging ourselves out of snow and ice, the signs of spring have arrived: more sunlight, rising temps and blossoming flowers. For admissions offices, spring is a time to both work with high school seniors as they commit to the colleges that are the best fits for them and work with juniors as they begin their college search processes. If you’re a junior in high school, this is a great opportunity to start working with your high school counselor or other adviser to get ready to apply to colleges in the fall. Here are a few helpful tips to get a jump-start on your college search process:


SAT will be given here at CHS on 12/7/13

Students who are planning to attend a four year college/university and need to take the SAT can take it at CHS on December 7 (this was not an original test date for CHS-it’s just been added). Also, there’s still space available for the SAT prep class–stop by the school counseling office to get a registration form. The SAT prep class prepares students in time to take the test on December 7. The charge is $42.00 (which includes the cost of the book). See your school counselor for more details.