Dual Enrollment

What is the Virginia Placement Test? The Virginia Placement Test is a free, two-part assessment of English and Math skill levels. The placement test is designed to assess new college students for their readiness to be successful in college coursework. All Germanna students must take a placement test and receive qualifying scores prior to enrolling in college coursework.

Why do I need a placement test? Germanna Community College uses placement test results to determine if you are ready for college coursework. The placement test is a required step in Germanna Community College’s enrollment process. Students who have taken the SAT or ACT may submit qualifying scores as an alternative placement. Your placement test results are valid for 2 years.

Who needs to take a placement test? All new Germanna students–including Dual Enrollment students–must be assessed for their readiness for college coursework. There are only two exceptions: a) students who have already taken the SAT or ACT and received qualifying scores for alternative placement, or b) students who have already taken college coursework in Math or English (prerequisite requirements still must be fulfilled).

How can I prepare for my placement test? Taking the time to prepare for your placement test will make a difference! There are many resources available for you to use to prepare for your placement test. Please visit the Germanna Community College Testing Services website to access these helpful practice questions and sample tests.

When and where do I take my placement test?

You must take your placement test (and receive qualifying scores) prior to enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses. Your high school sets the date(s) for placement testing sessions at your school; see your high school guidance counselor in order to sign up for a test date. You must bring a valid picture ID on the day of the test. Additionally, you must complete your Germanna Community College Application for Admission prior to your test date in order to receive your Student ID Number; the Student ID Number is required to start your test.


What if I do not receive qualifying scores?

If you do not receive a placement test score that qualifies you for Dual Enrollment courses, that’s okay! Remember that the test is a measure of college readiness, and some of the questions may cover information you have not yet studied in your high school curriculum. Use the results of your placement test to identify your academic strengths and weaknesses and work on those areas while you are still in high school.

Check out more information on Dual Enrollment courses at: http://www.germanna.edu/dual-enrollment/